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Old Workhorse Collodion Recipe

old workhorse collodion recipe. Old Workhorse doesnt exhibit visual evidence of the development as conspicuously as some recipes do. USP Collodion - 108ml.

Holga Tintype Holga 120n 60mm F 8 Old Workhorse Collodion Analog Tintype Holga Film Photography

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Old workhorse collodion recipe. Old workhorse was originally formulated by John Coffer in the USA its marginally slower than the New guy but gives a more pleasing range of tones in my eyes its all very subjective. Kens collodion formula of Salted collodion. 240 ml USP Collodion 200 ml Alcohol 200 ml Ether.

The main reason is that the collodion when aged starts to acidifying and the result is the liberation of the Iodine from its salt and then the free Iodine turn the collodion from a pale straw color to a cherry color state. At this point it has excellent contrast. Dissolve the bromide and iodide in a small test tube.

See more ideas about studio q daguerreotype wet plate collodion. The collodion mixed with halogen-salts called. 4g Ammonium Iodide dissolved in 5ml of distilled water 160ml of grain alcohol Slowly mix PART D into PART C and shake after eash addition.

5X7 inch collodion negative on glass made with my moth-eaten Burke James Watson and the Voigtlander Pertzval lens wide open. 16 gr Cadmium Bromide 14 gr Ammonium Bromide 50 gr Ammonium Iodide. This is the collodion we tend to use ourselves when shooting in the field.

Exposure was 45 seconds. Click here Poe Boy Collodion 240 ml plain Collodion 300 ml Denatured Alcohol 6 ml Distilled Water 3 grams Potassium Bromide 5 grams Potassium Iodide. Must be shipped via UPS Ground or FedEx HazMat with no shipments to PO Boxes.

Just Collodion and IDA. Mar 20 2017 - Types Daguerrotypes and Tintypes. At this point it has excellent contrast.

Cadmium bromide - 0. Keskinos Topshit 3-Salt quickclear ambrotype collodium 4 100 ml. Dissolve the two above with 4 drops of water.

Collodion Recipes Sunday 2 March 2014 160953 EuropeLondon. Slowly mix Part B into Part A Part D. This is the website of John Coffer tintype artist.

Use your hand to keep the water warm while using a glass rod to stirr and crush small chunks. Nr 4 John Coffers Old Workhorse Fast Clear. Collodion plates are made at the moment covering a glass plate or black metal iron with collodion and cadmium salts and or potassium sensitized with silver nitrate.

118 ml USP Collodion 77 ml Alcohol 77 ml Ether. Ammonium iodide - 18g. Salted collodion which is the binder material of the wet plate collodion process start to deteriorate over time.

Exposure was 45 seconds. USP Collodion - 94ml. All orders containing Ready to Use Collodion Bromo-iodizer and the Salted Collodion 2-part for both Old Workhorse and Cadmium Free kit will be delayed until it comes in.

240ml plain collodion USP 160ml diethyl ether Part B. There are also many samples of Johns and his students work. Cadmium bromide - 13g.

5X7 inch collodion negative on glass made with my moth-eaten Burke James Watson and the Voigtlander Pertzval lens wide open. Collodion Old Workhorse from Franalog. Nr 5 Scully Ostermans Formula without Cadmium Bromide.

400 ml Old Workhorse Bromo-Iodizer 250 ml Plain Collodion and an empty amber bottle. If youre tired of the same old pasta dishes step things up a notch with this recipe. Add silver nitrate crystals to distilled water mix well filter through coffee filter or similar before using for the first time coat a plate of glass with collodion and let sit in bath overnight remove the next morning and silver bath is seasoned for use.

It contains valuable information on learning this historic photographic process. 3g cadmium bromide dissolved in 5ml distilled water Part C. This kitchen appliance truly is a workhorse.

2 gr Pottasium Iodide 15 gr Pottasium Bromide. All formulas adjusted to make 250ml. Get the recipe from Diethood.

Old Workhorse collodion used about 5 months old. Buy New guy collodion here. Then the picture has to be taken and revealed in about 5 minutes before the emulsion dries.

Old Workhorse collodion used about 5 months old. With most recipes of collodion you can see how the development is progressing and make split second decisions whether to arrest development at for example 45 seconds rather than 60 seconds using the BS developer. Ground beef elbow macaroni.

Mar 7 2020 - Explore John Fobess board Studio Q Quinn Jacobson Wet Plate and daguerreotypes followed by 443 people on Pinterest. Dropped the salts in A quick swish around and leave to settle. Heres the recipe I used from Coffers website as a pdf from his Mythbusters section.

Our revolutionary quick-clearing Old Workhorse Salted Collodion kit allows the artist to create this legendary formula instantly. See more ideas about tintype wet plate collodion photography.

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