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Lotro Tailor Recipes

lotro tailor recipes. Malledhrim Friend Lvl 65 armour set. Recipes by Profession Tailor Recipes by Profession.

Light Armour Of The Vales Lotro Housing By D Co Du Milieu

1 Recipes 11 Apprentice.

Lotro tailor recipes. Dont use the Reward template for all the components in a section as that results in too many image links and the images at the bottom of the page appearing as a question mark on the larger pages. Tailor Name Level Worth Received Battle of Dagorlad Tapestry Recipe 150 Sold by. You should craft the three recipes required by Fladdan for your growth as a Tailor.

You can buy all available recipes regardless of skill level but you will not be able to readconsume them until your skill level is high enough. The crafting recipes you must create can be found in your crafting panel. Required Tools Tailors Tools eg Bronze Tailors Tools Workbench can be used for Apprentice Journeyman and Expert tier recipes Superior Workbench required for Artisan Master and Supreme tier recipes see its article for locations.

Objective 2 Bring the sturdy leather binding to Roddan Bring the cotton. Tailors Tools Tough Leather Armour recipe Tough Leather Boots recipe Tough Leather Gloves recipe Tough Leather Helm recipe Tough Leather Leggings recipe Tough Leather Pads Tough Leather Pads recipe httpslotro. Westfold Campaign Armour drops and Men of Dunland rep Note.

The Tailor profession is a production profession. Tailor Name Tier XP Result Critical Components Battle of Five Armies Tapestry Supreme 10 Battle of Five Armies Tapestry x 1 Bolt of Magnificent Cloth x 1 Piece of Magnificent Hide x 3 Piece of x 1 10. A couple of recipes are available for each set at each level of standing.

1 Westemnet Tailors Journal 10 Greater Essence of Agility Supreme Essence of Agility Barter Recipe Single Use 1 Universal Solvent 1 Major Essence of Agility 3 Finished Eorlingas Leathers 1 Emerald Shard 1 10. Bob Rosethorn Battle of Five Armies Tapestry Recipe 50 Sold by. 13 Expert 14 Master.

This set of recipes is made up of pieces of different levels and from different sources level 66 - Brushed Campaign Shoes drop level 68. Heralds Cloak Marchwardens Armour Marchwardens Boots Marchwardens Gloves Marchwardens Helm Marchwardens Leggings Marchwardens Shoulder Guards Masters. Expert Tailor Stangard Expert Tailor Stangard Stangard Fielo Expert Tailor Expert Tailor Thorins Hall Blue Stone Garrison Fladdan Expert Tailor Expert Tailor Lothlorien The Vinyards of Lorien Fladdan Expert Tailor Expert.

A tailor creates leather components and light and medium armors. Supreme Master Tailors Journal Used in Recipes. Galadhrim Friend Lvl 60 armour set Light Lvl 60 armour set Medium Requires Supreme Tailor.

Buy these from the NoviceExpert TailorJewellerArmsman and so on in a crafting area. Bob Rosethorn 100 5. 21 Tailors Guild See HelpRecipe Index for instructions on how to use this page.

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