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Pregnant Belly Oil Recipe

pregnant belly oil recipe. 20 Drops Vitamin E Oil. For pregnant women Id suggest keeping the dilution at about 1 and use 6-7 drops per 30 ml of carrier oil.

Diy Belly Balm For Pregnant Mamas Pregnant Diet Pure Cocoa Butter The Balm

Scoop 2 ounces of raw coconut oil into a small glass bowl.

Pregnant belly oil recipe. Ive rounded up a little information and a few of the best belly oils and skincare for pregnancy. Essential Oil to Carrier Oil Dilution For massage oils dilution of essential oils to carrier oil is generally for healthy adults 7-15 drops per 30 ml 1 oz which is about 1-25 dilution. Add your essential oils.

Pour mixture into a container and let sit for. Fill a small pot with a few inches of water and bring to a boil. ¼ Cup Grape Seed Oil.

Remove from heat pour into a small glass jar and whisk in oils. 30 Drops Grapefruit Seed Extract Oil. Add cocoa butter shea butter coconut oil olive oil and beeswax to a mason jar and place the mason jar into the boiling water effectively creating a double boiler.

Gently rub it on your belly thighs and lower back. I also loved the Belly Butter specifically after I would shower. Let sit at room temperature for fifteen to twenty four hours.

Put cocoa butter beeswax and coconut oil in a small sauce pan. Add cocoa butter and avocado oil and melt over medium heat. Instructions Use a double boiler or make one by adding water to your pot and placing a metal bowl over pot.

Aloe vera gel 4 capsules vitamin A. Stomach Tightening Belly Balm Recipe. Scoop final concoction into your glass lotion pot and put lid on.

Make a few changes to my daily routine. Stir to combine and transfer to your container of. Pregnant bellies are beautiful but also prone to stretch marks itchy and dry skin as your tummy expands with your growing baby so youre going to need a great belly cream or oil to massage in to keep skin soft supple and nourished its a nice way to bond with your baby too.

Zoe Organics Belly Oil Belly Butter 1699 each. Store in refrigerator and shake before use. Lavender - 5 drops frankincense - 10-15 drops sandalwood - 5 drops.

Or make a rich skin-repairing body butter without the essential oils and use it every morning and night. Remove from heat and add in the vitamin E oil and lavender essential oil. 12 cup cocoa butter 12 cup shea butter 12 cup coconut oil 14 cup of either almond apricot or grapeseed oil 2 capsules of Vitamin E oil puncture with a pin squeeze out the oil 2 tbs grated beeswax Optional a few drops of a pregnancy safe.

Ive really enjoyed all of the Zoe Organics products Ive tried- the belly oil was one of my favorites and I went through it really quickly. I bought all my ingredients here. Virgin olive oil 6 capsules vitamin E 14 c.

Can scent it with your favorite pregnancy-safe essential oil such as lavender. Ingredients Supplies Needed This recipe yields approximately 10 oz. Stretch Mark Serum Recipe Scar Body Oil.

2 TBSP Jojoba Oil find it HERE 2 TBSP Rosehip Oil find it HERE 2 TBSP. During pregnancy stretch marks can develop on your breasts belly hips butt and thighs. Continue to boil the water adding more if necessary until the oils in the mason jar have melted.

Make your own pregnancy belly massage oil. The truth is while theres not a ton of research on the effectiveness of topical treatments its. Of product with 1 concentration of each essential oil.

Mix drops each of the following 3 essential oils in four tablespoons of coconut oil OR 100 Shea Butter. Instructions In a double boiler combine all ingredients except essential oils. ¼ Cup Rosehips Seed Oil.

2 Tablespoons Beeswax Pellets. After the first trimester make your own aromatherapy belly oil by adding five drops of mandarin or lavender essential oil to a tablespoon 15ml of sweet almond jojoba or calendula oil. Heat over medium until beeswax is fully melted and combined.

Vitamin E Oil find it HERE 10 drops of Neroli Essential Oil find it HERE 7 drops of Lavender Essential Oil find it HERE 7 drops of Myrrh Essential Oil find it HERE optional please use this essential oil with caution if pregnant. Stir continuously while heating over medium-low heat. ¼ Cup Almond Oil.

Natural Belly Balm Recipe For Pregnant Mamas. Remove from heat and add sweet almond oil vitamin E oil and lavender essential oils. Mix well with a metal fork or spoon.

Its really really thick and takes a while to apply but its worth it. The essential oils in this recipe have been diluted at 1 dilution for pregnancy 7 ounces refined shea butter I weigh my shea butter using this scale here 3 ounces grape seed oil or another carrier oil like olive or apricot kernel oil 25 drops lavender essential oil 15 drops sweet orange essential oil. Pour ingredients into a blender squeezing oil out of the capsules before adding.

Some of these products may include Vitamin A. ½ Cup Avocado Oil. Here are our 10 favourite product picks.

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