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Recipe For Asun

recipe for asun. Place the cooked meat on the grill brush some oil on the meat. Ingredients for Asun 12kg 26 lbs goat meat cut with the skin 2 habanero peppers or to your taste 1 medium onion 3 big stock cubes 1 teaspoon thyme Salt to taste 1 cooking spoon vegetable oil Black pepper optional.

Asun Nigerian Goat Meat Recipe Goat Meat Spicy Recipes Meat Recipes

Remove goat meat with slotted spoon and placed.

Recipe for asun. Great recipe for Asun. As much as I would love to go 100 authentic I dont have an open fire barbecue so that takes me down a notch on. Sprinkle the chicken seasoning cube over the asun and add a little bit of water and reduce the heat and cover the pan.

Asun is spicy roastedsmoked goat meat. Cover and place the meat in the fridge to marinate for 40 minutes to absorb the seasoning. Grease a pan with vegetable oil and place the goat meat from the night before in the pan and place in oven for 30 minutes.

Wash and put the goat meat chunks in a bowl. I decided to deviate the plan and make some asun out of the goat meat and finish up. Add the peppers and half of the onions and stir fry.

Asun Nigerian smoked Goat Meat - Asun literarily means smoked is a very popular delicacy in Nigerian parties and get-togethers. The real deal Asun. Line a baking pan with aluminum foil and spread the meat.

The only way to do this is to go easy on spices. In fact this is not the only party Meat recipe that we have in Nigeria we also have the stick Meat as well and a ton of other Meat recipes as well. Check for when water is dried up and add a little bit more and stir the asun for another 5 minutes.

Pour some water to the asun and cover the pan and allow the meat cook. It is considered a cardinal sin if the smokey flavor of this spicy meat is dominated by spices. Asun recipe is made by killing your Goat it has to be YOUR own Goat na smoking it in a Pit or a Barbecue grill then its chopped into bits Goat Chops and stirred in spicy pepper mixture.

Steps on how to prepare Asun spicy peppered goat meat Season goat meat with chopped onions salt garlic pepper 1-2 goat meat seasoning and mix to coat very well. Add onion and bouillon powder and stir intermittently for 20 minutes. It is not for the faint-hearted but all the heat is worth it.

Check to see if goat meat is soft. Cut the goat meat into chunks. Cover and marinate in refrigerator 12 to 24 hours turning often.

Remove goat strain marinade and reserve. Combine vinegar oil and seasonings and pour over goat meat. Cooking the goat meat Preheat your oven to 350.

Asun smokey grilled goat meats carrots red bell pepper green pepper dices fried plantain dodo Tomatoes paste grinded black pepper Spring onions chopped 40min. Add very little water as possible enough to cook it. If you dont know how to make it then todays recipe is for.

Asun has always been one of the things i wished i could make at home by myself I didnt always want to make trips to the restaurant just to buy Asun. Asun Recipe spicy smoked peppered goat meat 1. Wash and season the meat with curry thyme stock cube one onion and salt to taste.

Steam in its juice for 5. Chop the Grilled Goat meat into bitesize chunks. I used instapot pressure cooker to cook mine to cut down the.

Add the seasoning and salt to taste. Asun has a distinct smokey aroma and flavor which must be preserved from the start of cooking to finish. 12kg 26 lbs goat meat cut with the skin 2 habanero peppers or to your taste 1 medium onion 3 big stock cubes 1 teaspoon thyme Salt to taste 1 cooking spoon vegetable oil Black pepper optional.

Heat up your oven grill to temperature 180ºC 350ºF. Blend Coarsely or chop the Peppers youll be using including an onion. Marinate Goat meat overnight with Salt garlic blended scotch bonnet peppers and 1 cube of maggi and place in the fridge.

Apparently the goat meat was for stew and i have been procrastinating. For the step-by-step instructions to make Asun ingredi. Set a Wok or Skillet on medium heat.

If the skin is not there it wont give that authentic asun flavour. Instructions Boil goat meat with salt pepper beef or chicken bouillon powder and some chopped onions in a medium pot until tender. Place goat meat in a large skillet and set the stove to medium heat.

Simple to make and great colors. After which I transferred the partially raw meat to. When its hot add the coarsely chopped peppers and Onions and Saute.

This treat is a winner any day. Cut the goat meat into small pieces wash and set aside. Place potatoes onions chiles and garlic in shallow roasting pan and pour ¼ cup marinade over vegetables.

I seasoned with salt seasoning cubes chopped onions. Great recipe and if you substitute Tequila with Jägermeister it tastes just like cherry fruit stripe gum. For extra absorption of flavour I made sure the meat was cold.

Heat up oven to 380F if you do not have a grill. Add the Vegetable oil. Make sure to cut the chunks with the goat skin.

During the public holiday i was home alone and bored and i thought to enjoy a glass of wine with some fried meat. Helpful 10 REALCOOKIE Rating.

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